Teacher Tips: How to Handle Distracting Behaviour

When it comes to questions about behaviour management, I tend to talk about prevention. Setting up a conducive learning environment and establishing a positive culture of learning are the best ways to avoid distracting behaviour in the classroom, and this is where I plant my flag.

However, I do appreciate that that is not very helpful in the moment when things do go awry. I still maintain that if you work on the environment and culture, you’re much less likely to ever have trouble, but there can never be a guarantee that no student will ever misbehave.

The truth is, I do not have any 100% solutions. I am confident that none exist. But the attached image is a strategy for how to respond when a student does become a problem, even despite your efforts in prevention.

If you would like a high resolution version of the image, which you can print off as a poster and hang in your teachers' room, find it here.

If you would like to learn more about how to prevent undesirable behaviour in your classroom or how to respond to distractions, take a look at our teacher training programmes, available both online and onsite.

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