Teach Your Best: Instructional Coaching from JLA

JLA is excited to announce the launch of a new Instructional Coaching programme: Teach Your Best!

Teach Your Best is a one-to-one coaching service designed to help individual teachers identify their strengths and weaknesses through a collaborative process and then work to build their competency over a series of coaching sessions.

Instructional Coaching can be beneficial to teachers in a wide variety of contexts. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

When I was first starting out as a teacher, I relied heavily on the other teachers in my institution to answer questions and give me feedback and guidance, and I learned a lot from them. But they had their own students to think about, their own lessons to plan and their own demanding schedules. And in reality, most of them had only been teaching a few months longer than I had. If I could have had dedicated one-to-one guidance from a passionate, experienced teacher with the time to listen to me and offer meaningful feedback, there’s no telling how much I could have learned.

If you're a new teacher, instructional coaching can help you get off to a strong start by building your confidence and competence with support from an experienced teacher who is dedicated to your development.

In Indonesia, where I work, teachers do not have a lot of access to good teacher development programmes. In fact, they don’t even have much access to poor teacher development! I started to offer teacher training because I frequently met teachers who had been in the classroom for years but could not remember the last time they had received valuable feedback or learned something new from an experienced peer.

Instructional Coaching is a great solution for teachers who find that there is not much access to high-quality teacher training in their local environment. It allows you to pick your own focuses and work on developing the specific skills you need right now.

A lot of teachers find that the transition from training to classroom is a big step and can be very daunting. Without the right level of focus and some careful, intentional planning, it’s easy to forget a lot of what was learned even on a good training programme.

If you've just completed a training programme, such as a TESOL certificate, a diploma or even an education degree, you'll know how overwhelming all of that learning can be, and when you get into your own classroom, it's not always easy to implement what you've learned in a real teaching scenario.

Instructional Coaching is a great way to transition from a training course to the classroom, helping you apply what you have learned through practical and effective strategies that will work for you and your students.

If you relate to any of these scenarios and think that Instructional Coaching might be good for you, then check out Teach Your Best right now at www.jla-tesol.teachable.com You can even sign up for a free consultation before you commit to anything!

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