Increase your competence and give your career a boost with the JLA Cert. TESOL.

The JLA Cert. TESOL offers a blend of face-to-face training, online assessment and classroom observation, far exceeding international industry standards for EFL/ESL recruitment and providing great opportunities for genuine development.

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What is TESOL?

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is the generic term for courses and qualifications concerned with methodology and approaches for teaching English as a foreign or second language. 

Most language centres and similar institutions around the world consider a TESOL certificate to be the standard requirement when recruiting new teachers. For many, a good TESOL certificate from a reputable provider is seen as more valuable even than a university degree, since high-quality TESOL courses actually aim to prepare the teacher for the classroom in a way that formal academic study usually does not.

There are many different types and formats of TESOL certificate available around the world, so it is important that you take the time to get to know some of the differences and whether a particular institution really offers what you need. Here are some of the things you should look out for:

How long is the whole course?

Generally, 100 hours is considered the entry level standard by EFL recruiters. Though there are many certificates available with a much shorter duration, sometimes called "intro" or "short" courses, most recruiters will not be impressed unless they accompany a teaching degree. The JLA Cert. TESOL is a 120-hour course in total, so it exceeds the industry standard and will be a valuable certificate for anybody seeking an EFL teaching job.

Is there any face-to-face training?

The debate over face-to-face vs. online training is a long and loud one, so it is worth looking into both sides of the argument. However, many recruiters consider fully online courses to be significantly less valuable than courses with face-to-face training. These courses tend to include much more discussion, leading to a deeper understanding of the central concepts, as well as hands on practice that goes beyond just the textbook theory. Most recruiters will prefer a candidate whose TESOL certificate has at least some face-to-face training. The JLA Cert. TESOL is mostly face-to-face with a total of 80 hours conducted on site, which is notably longer than most certificates of a similar level.

Is there any classroom experience?

The point of a TESOL certificate is supposed to be to prepare teachers for the classroom. Most recruiters agree that this is much more effective when the training course includes direct experience in real classrooms with real students. The fact is that many TESOL providers do not incorporate this into their courses simply because it is not convenient, but a certificate that does include classroom experience is far more valuable when applying for a TEFL position than one that does not. The JLA Cert. TESOL requires all participants to complete at least two classroom observations, each one followed by in depth written and verbal feedback and a development plan to help identify strengths as well as specific areas for improvement.



 The JLA Cert. TESOL is a practical course designed to give novice and veteran teachers alike the skills and competencies required to plan, prepare and deliver effective, engaging lessons.

The face-to-face training and classroom observation ensure that everyone who graduates with a JLA Cert. TESOL is a proven competent teacher. 

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Course Layout

In Class Training

80 Hours

Face-to-face training designed to introduce you to a wide variety of methodology and techniques, providing you with all the competencies you need to deliver great EFL lessons. 

Independent Assignments

40 Hours

Written assessment conducted online giving you the chance to work at your own pace, demonstrating how well you have understood the concepts covered during the face-to-face training.

Classroom Observation

Min. 2 Observations

Practical teaching assessment conducted in real classrooms with real students, designed to show how well you can implement the concepts learned on the course in the real classroom context.


Get Your JLA Cert. TESOL



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