JLA is the leading provider of teacher development programmes, academic consultation services and TESOL certification in Jakarta, the exciting capital city of one of the fastest growing economies in South East Asia.


Nobody cares about education and educators quite like we do at JLA. The institution is owned and run by teachers with a genuine and deep interest in teacher development and education reform. It is our goal, both as an institution and as a collective of educators, to  develop high quality education wherever we work.

We strive to work with and through educators and education institutions to bring the best possible learning opportunities to students in all sectors. We envision a world where all students have access to engaging and effective learning with a focus on real life application so that everybody can leave school and achieve their personal goals, whatever they may be, and contribute to society and the world of the future.

We believe that a great teacher is the best start in life any child can have.

That's why we are dedicated to helping teachers be the best they can be. Everything we do, whether it's with individuals, groups or institutions, is focused around one fundamental principle: great education is the product of great educators.


Teacher development that works. Education reform that cares about learners.

We offer teacher development programmes and academic consultation services to institutions across Indonesia and South East Asia all with a view to maximising the quality and standards of education in all sectors.

Since 2014, JLA has been working with education institutions across Indonesia to train and develop teachers and educators and create and develop curricula and learning programmes. Everything we do centres around our main principles


We imagine a future where high quality English language education is easily accessible in Indonesia so that businesses and students can find great teachers with ease.


We want to offer the best quality training and development services to educators and institutions in Indonesia as a leader in achieving this vision and to establish a community so that other teachers and institutions can also be a part of the same vision.


1. Offer accessible, high-quality training and development for educators and institutions in Indonesia and worldwide.

2. Establish a community of educators and institutions that can collaborate to help improve educations standards in Indonesia and worldwide. 


Boost your teaching career and also become an integral part of our vision by registering today for your JLA Cert. TESOL.


At JLA, the only thing we care about more than education are educators.

We deliver high quality, engaging and effective professional development programmes for teachers and educators as well as academic consultation services for education institutions across Indonesia and South East Asia.


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(+62) 8788 496 4582



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